Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How you can Inspire Reader Loyalty for Your Blog?

If you have a web site with static content, for example a sales letter for a product or service, then people you attract to your site will see the same thing time and time again. Unless you have some really, and I mean really great content material that's not very much encouragement for individuals to come back.

However in case you have a blog with content material that's getting updated daily, or possibly every couple of days then you're providing them with a way to connect to your content material. With a blog they're able to submit comments and tell you how they feel regarding the content you've posted. You can even allow people to post to your blog. This type of interaction results in loyal readers. Especially if you're content is good. And loyal readers return.

The number one priority for your blog is content. Mainly because, lets face it, if your content sucks then people aren't going to want to consider reading it. Much less come back for more. You don't have to have ultra great content either. Believe me when i state that it's Alright if you're not a great writer. Not everybody who owns a blog is a great (or even good) writer. It's far more significant if you are able to generate content that's very helpful in addition to informative, and stands out, and then people will come back for more. Simply put yourself in your readers place. When was the last time you visited a blog to read the ads?

I've noticed a lot of blogs which have excellent content that I've wanted to comment on but couldn't. I never returned. People don't want blogs they are able to just read, they want blogs they are able to interact with. Blocking people from posting comments on your blog is one thing you must not do. Always leave your comments on. Readers want to let you know what they think. It is advisable to let your readers write back and speak their mind. And take my word for it; people are not necessarily likely to agree with what you have to say. If you're concerned about spam there's no reason to be. You can find free plugins you'll be able to download that will help prevent that.

As your blog grows and more and more people read your blog you might like to think about permitting your readers to create posts for your blog. This is whats called guest posting, or guest blogging. Either way it's a great way to inspire reader loyalty. Just be sure you set up some rules, and each post is approved by you before it's posted. You may also do the same thing on other blogs. Simply email the blog owner and ask if you can submit a post. Not only will this give you a link back to your blog (which is great for search engine ranking) but you can also direct more readers to your blog.


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