Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to Save on Energy Consumption (Computer)

There is a growing number of computer users and owners in middle Tennessee, particularly in the city of Nashville. One proof of this is the thriving business of different computer repair shops that operate in Nashville and cover even surrounding areas like Mount Juliet, Dickson, Clarksville, Belle Meade, Brentwood, Green Hills and Murfreesboro.

Aside from the regular expenses on computer services like repair and maintenance, computer users face the consequences of higher energy or electric bills from the use of computers. Desktops are particularly costlier than laptops. However, many companies and households still prefer to use such PCs because they are having more capacity and are less prone to frequent damages and troubles. Here are some ways computer services experts recommend so computer users could minimize electric consumption.

Turn off the computer’s screensaver. A study has revealed that about 53% of computer users in general do not turn off machines while in idle, and instead resort to posting screensavers. The US Environmental Protection Agency’s main Energy Star unit estimates that users can save about $25 to $75 in their electric bills annually if screensavers and computers would be turned off during idle hours of the day.

Tune up your personal computer. You could automatically do so using the System Mechanic function. A tuned up PC is using less energy, as resources are allocated more efficiently. Tuning up could speed up program applications, so users’ overall productivity is also boosted. Doing so could be a money-saving measure as there will be less need for expensive customer support initiatives.

Evaluate the energy consumption of accessories and peripherals that are attached to the computer. Peripherals and accessories that are directly attached to the computer utilize more energy. Wireless keyboards and mice could be great alternatives, but you should spend on their batteries.

Use the computer productively. Admit it or not, many computer users do not make productive use of computers. Use the machine on necessary business related and transaction applications. Do not resort to watching movies or TV shows online as doing so could bolster electric consumption. You have your TV set for doing so.

Clean the computer unit regularly. It is a common knowledge that dust could hamper the internal performance of the computer. Wipe off dust from the exterior and interior of your PC.

Turn off the computer when not in use. Do not sleep with your PC turned on. You can still receive email messages even while you are offline. Check overnight mails first thing in the morning if you need to instead of leaving the computer on and online during your sleeping hours.

The above guidelines would not only help you save on electric costs. You could also save significant amount of money on prevented computer repair.


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